Join Our Affiliate Program

Earn 67% commissions which is a flat $300 per sale while helping your audience start a high paying career in technology sales. 

How does the CourseCareers affiliate program work? 

1. Schedule a time to learn more about our affiliate program and get your unique link & coupon code. 

2. Promote your affiliate link and coupon code. Use channels such as TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs, Email, Etc. 

3. Get paid $300 for each signup you drove. There’s no limit to the number of signups.

What are the benefits of joining our affiliate program?

As a CourseCareers affiliate, you’ll receive:

  • Flat $300 per signup when using your affiliate link or coupon code
  • A custom $50 discount code to give to your audience resulting in very high attribution for yourself
  • Passive income with no cap on the number of signups
  • A product you can stand behind knowing we’re the quickest and most affordable way for your audience to start a career in tech sales. 


We require that our affilates have atleast 1k followers on any social media platform or a blog with atleast 1k monthly views. 

We pay out via direct deposit every friday, two weeks after a student signs up. This is after our very generous refund period ends. 

You can share your link anywhere. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook groups, Blogs, or Quora. You can even run ads for our course. 

Your link has cookies for 90 days and your coupon code has an unlimited duration. If someone signs up using your link or code then the sale is attributed to you. We also run extensive retargeting ads to get our affilates more sign-ups.