Reliant Technology

Sales Development Representative

Atlanta , GA


Wanted: New Business Development Rep with an Iron Will to Succeed

As a new business development rep, you’ll support the Reliant sales team with fresh opportunities to drive new business, help grow our company to new levels. Using up-to-the-minute tools and our super-successful training program, you’ll connect decision-makers with our team daily, leading to successfully closed business.

What you’ll be doing—and why it’s an exciting opportunity

Our mission is to empower people to make a difference. By setting ambitious goals and giving people freedom to execute them, we create opportunities for learning, growth, exploration, success, and results.

You’ll get a crash course in entrepreneurship, learn the psychology of an ideal customer, and enjoy the freedom to develop new ways to be effective. We’ll provide the playbook—it’s up to you to optimize it and deliver results. If you’re seeking a have-fun-and-get-it-done culture and relish the ability to run wide-open, this is it.

Just so you know…this won’t be easy

If you’re scared of cold calls and prospecting, stop now. IT folks rarely pick up their phones, so you’ll need to be creative to make a connection. In addition to securing new business, you’ll need to learn and understand data storage and how our business and market work. You’ll need to conceptualize the different personalities, conversational styles, and needs of IT directors, storage administrators, purchasing teams, and CIOs. We offer a wide array of products from EMC, NetApp, Cisco, Brocade, IBM, and more from the last four product generations, introducing a level of complexity few other teams have the ability to manage.

Customers often present a long list of objections.  If you can’t overcome them, you’ll have a hard time. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Used hardware is perceived as scary
  • We sell over the phone
  • Storage is super-important to everyone. We’re sometimes asked, “Why should I trust you?”
  • IT folks rarely speak by telephone unless they see immediate value

As you can see, a lot is already stacked against you.  You’ll have to plan AND execute, figuring out solid ways to get stuff accomplished—quickly—with few resources. If you love a challenge and the big rewards that come with success, this position is ideal for you.

If you hide behind activity or need to be told what to do, this won’t be a good fit. We need people who can take the proverbial bull by the horns, set their sights on a goal, and carry it out. You’ll have to figure stuff out, make decisions, and be held accountable. It can be scary at times, but making a real difference serves as a pretty good reward.


  • Develop 20-40 appointments per month
  • Learn the way we use tools (Salesforce, Pardot, and others)
  • Participate in improving the process along the way

If you like challenges, this will be a good one

Every day, you’ll be reaching out to IT administrators, IT directors, and CIOs to synthesize their data storage requirements. Topics such as disaster recovery, onsite backup, new projects, application growth, storage inefficiencies, capacity shortages, and performance issues will be the norm. You must be able to process technical concepts and relate to people seamlessly over the phone.

You’ll have to quickly learn (or already know) a lot of information in order to be successful:

  • Prospecting via phone, e-mail, and social channels
  • Data storage—specifically the product sets surrounding EMC, NetApp, and other SAN (Brocade, Cisco hardware
  • The Reliant discovery process: a set of key questions and answers that help uncover a customer's true needs
  • Our market and the psychology of our customers
  • Our systems: Salesforce and Pardot among others
  • Time management.
  • Communicating complex subjects in easy-to-understand terms


We’re looking for a go-getter who is ready for a huge opportunity. If you’re easily overwhelmed or frazzled, this is not for you. You must have the chops and the will to succeed. It will take a lot of work.

  • A MUST: Data center infrastructure sales: storage, server and/or networking
  • Top 10% record of high performance
  • Experience with tools to drive success: Salesforce, Pardot, SalesLoft, ZoomInfo, LinkedIn Navigator among others.

You’ll work from our “Google-esque” campus on the west side of Atlanta, near Howell Mill and Chattahoochee, in Alton Brown’s former production studio. You can wear what you want, and participate in a great culture with an open work environment. You’ll benefit from our 401K and match and enjoy our fun days, gym, and Zen garden.

We offer a rewarding compensation plan. We’ll pay the best rates for the best person.

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