Hire Trained Sales Development Interns Year-Round

Are you in need of great SDR talent or want a team of interns doing research?

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Differences Between Self-Educated Interns vs Traditional Interns

Year-Round & Full-Time

These interns complete their studying at different times throughout the year allowing you to always have interns working full-time.

Completely Invested

These interns spend months focusing their studying only on sales development. This makes them highly invested in starting their career in this role.

Hire Immediately

These interns don't have a graduation date so there is no delay in hiring them in a permanent position.

Does having a year-round pipeline of interns doing research and feeding directly into your open SDR positions sound appealing to you? This new wave of Gen Z is choosing self-education over college and wants to start their career at your company. Best of all, there are no recruiting fees and takes as little as an hour to get setup.

Why Use Self-Educated Interns

Improve SDR Productivity

Improve your sales team’s performance by having Interns do all pre-outreach activities. It is known that SDRs can spend up to 50% of their time doing research and mundane tasks that aren’t outreach. Better allocate your SDR’s time to result in more meaningful conversations and appointments.

Use your sales interns to do things such as:

  • Identifying Ideal Companies
  • Identifying Correct Contacts & Org Structure
  • Getting Contact Information
  • Adding Data to CRM
  • Updating CRM
  • Identifying Triggers for Personalized Outreach

Create The Best Screening Process

Use interns to create an amazing screening process. Bring in interns by the batch and select from the best ones to turn into full-time SDRs or continuously bring in interns until you find the perfect candidates.

You get months to evaluate someone’s:

  • Work Ethic
  • Culture Fit
  • Performance

Immediately Ramp Sales

Do you ever have a delay in hiring when you are pressed to reach a new quota or have a fear of firing a bad sales rep because you don't think you can replace them in time?

You can always have a bench of interns working for you year-round, so when you get approval to hire someone full-time, there is no delay in finding someone and ramping them up or deciding to let go of a bad rep.

You can immediately ask one of your already ramped up interns to transition into a full-time SDR the next day.

Using Year-Round Sales Interns to Improve SDR Hiring & Productivity

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