Frequently Asked Questions


Our tech sales course is relatively simple compared to other careers such as programming, accounting, or marketing. There’s no complex math or advanced technical skills required. The main challenge is practicing simple yet difficult communication skills until they’re mastered.

While tech sales may sound intimidating since it sounds like you need to be a master of technology to be able to sell the product, in reality, you’re selling problems to solutions and not a piece of technology itself. What this means is that you don’t need to know how the technology was created or all of the technical jargon behind it.

Keep in mind that the people working at a phone store selling phones to consumers are selling an extremely complex piece of technology, yet they don’t need to be technical people to sell it. B2B technology sales is no different.

None. Our course was built for teaching people tech sales from the ground up with no previous sales experience required. Other professional work experience does help, but it’s not required. 

We’re the first step for someone looking to start a career in tech sales. They go through our course, get connected with an internship, then use their internship experience to land a permanent tech sales position.

There aren’t many qualifications you need to be successful, but you do need a few. To be successful in technology sales you need to have excellent communication skills and be able to speak in clear English. This makes speaking English as your first language one of the best initial qualifiers. You must also be able to write with proper grammar and type quickly. 

Other than communication skills you also need to have advanced interpersonal skills allowing you to work well with others while also being able to be proficient using a computer.

A little. Companies have a slight preference towards hiring younger people since internships have been commonly held by college students. This doesn’t mean that you can’t land a tech sales internship if you’re in your 30s or 40s, but it will just be slightly more difficult. 

In the totality of things, it will be easy for you to overcome if you’re motivated, willing to learn, and put in the effort to complete the course.

Historically, the majority of people working in tech sales do have college degrees. This doesn’t mean that you need a degree to work in tech sales though. College doesn’t teach sales or provide much value to an employer. 

Our course provides an alternative to college by teaching you everything you need to be successful as a tech sales rep where companies actually prefer hiring our students over college graduates. The founder of CourseCareers even started his career in tech sales at 18 years old with no degree.

There are hundreds of thousands of available jobs out there in tech sales. As long as you meet our initial qualifications and put in the effort to learn everything we teach in our course, then you will be able to land a position in tech sales without question. You just have to put in the effort.

You can get a refund and cancel the course without question as long as it’s within the 14-day window from purchasing the course.

We decided to make our course extremely affordable and offer a simple flat $499 instead of charging $10,000+ hidden inside an income share agreement. 

The reason we’re able to keep our course so affordable is because companies pay us to hire our students thus subsidizing your education. 

We want to be the first step students take in starting their career in tech sales. Currently, there are no available internships in tech sales for people not currently enrolled in college. This makes it difficult for people to gain the initial experience to break into a permanent tech sales position. 

We are the only company that’s able to take someone with no experience or degree and get their foot in the door with a tech sales internship at any time of the year.  Many of our partner companies are willing to hire our students who have previous sales experience into permanent positions immediately.

There’s  two main ways we go about making sure our students are able to land internships. 

  1. We teach you how to apply to our partner companies and ace the interview.
  2. We provide guidance and assist you with applying to internships at any company of your choice. 

A computer, phone, wifi, and three books. The total cost of all the books is under $50.

Yes, it’s definitely possible to start your career in tech sales without going through our course. This is especially true if you already have B2B inside sales experience. For people without B2B inside sales experience, then our course dramatically increases their chances of starting their career in tech sales and makes it much more attainable.

It depends on the type of company you want to work for. If you want to work for a large finical company, then you might have to move to a large city.  If you’re comfortable working for a variety of tech companies, then there are great jobs all over the US.

Yes! Especially since COVID, there are many more remote positions available in tech sales.

The majoirty of the companies we partner with hire our students fully remote into internships and permanent positions. 

We’re currently only supporting students who live in the United States or Canada at this time. This may change in the future. 


Tech sales is currently one of the most in-demand sales positions. There are literally hundreds of thousands of open positions and tech companies require tech sales reps to be successful. This demand is what makes the pay so great when compared to other sales positions. 

It also has an amazing career path compared to other sales jobs where you can work your way up to $100,000+ after just 1-2 years. You can also work your way up management or into enterprise sales making even more money.

Tech sales has the highest job demand compared to these other roles. Tech sales also pays the best out of these other business jobs. The only jobs in tech that pay better are in highly technical or engineering roles.

You will primarily be responsible for executing the research part of the sales cycle which involves researching companies, contacts, and finding buying signals. This means spending the majority of your time behind a computer using different programs and websites to find information.

It depends on where you are located. On average you can expect $14-20/hr. You can also expect to work 20 or 40 hours/week if you choose a part-time or full-time internship. 

Companies highly value hiring tech salespeople who have previous experience over any other qualification. By having a tech sales internship you’re acquiring that crucial experience that puts you at the top of the list when it coming to getting hired permanently. Many times the company you’re doing your internship with will hire you permanently.

The average internship lasts 3-4 months. After your internship, you should have a position as a permanent tech sales rep immediately or within weeks.

You’re qualified to work in nearly all sales roles that are Inside B2B positions. Think construction, consulting, services, hardware, etc.

Technology sales is the fastest-growing sales industry. There’s no sign of it slowing down which means you have excellent job security for the foreseeable future.

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No Degree or Experience Required

Degree and Previous Sales Experience Often Required 



$10,000 – $30,000


No Contracts

Income Share Agreements 

Class Flexability 

Complete on Your Own Schedule and Pace

Mandatory Class Times and Completion Date

Depth of Course Material

Very In-Depth Teaching Our Students the Latest Industry Best Practices for Sales Development

Often Surface Level Only to Prepare You for Interviews

Support Network

Unlimited 1 on 1 Support Until You Land a Position 

Unlimited Group Support

Partner Employers 

We Partner Directly With Employers Who Drop their Degree/Experience Requirements for Our Students, Which Guarantees You Interviews

You Must Find and Apply to Employers on Your Own, Struggling to Land Interviews

Job Outcomes 

Over 90% Of Students Land Positions Within 3 Weeks of Completion

Industry Average of 70% Of Students Land Positions Within 6 Months of Completion