FREE Introduction to Tech Sales Course

This FREE introduction to technology sales course is your first step to learning more about a career in tech sales.

You’ll learn:

  • Why technology sales is a great career choice
  • What a career as a technology sales rep actually looks like
  • Who’s a good fit for technology sales and what kind of qualifications and background you need
  • How to get your foot in the door with your first position 

After taking this free introductory course, you can then decide if you want to move forward with the full technology sales course which will teach you everything you need to land an internship in tech sales to start your career. 

Why a career in tech sales

Why a Career in Tech Sales:

Tons of available jobs

Amazing pay

One of the best career paths

Qualifications to work in tech sales:

Excellent verbal and written communication

Proficient with technology

Strong desire to learn and improve

Enjoys helping people and has great interpersonal skills

Has strong work ethic and grit

Lives in the US or Canada

Qualifications to work in tech sales

Background to work in tech sales:

Recent high school graduate

Employee switching industries

College Graduate

College Dropout