SV Academy Reviews – Is It Legit?

Written by Troy Buckholdt


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SV Academy Reviews

I’m sure you’re wondering about SV Academy reviews and if their program is legit or not. It’s smart of you to do your due diligence since SV Academy is asking for a lot of your hard-earned money.

What does SV Academy Do?

SV Academy is a free 4-week full-time and 12-week part-time online business development bootcamp available anywhere in the world with a strong internet connection. Students will learn the skills needed to become competent and productive business development representatives. SV Academy’s remote 4-week program requires 40 hours per week of online instruction for the first 4 weeks of pre-hire training, and their 12-week program requires about 20 hours per week of online instruction for the first 12 weeks of pre-hire training. During this period, participants will be involved in live classes, complete weekly assignments, meet with mentors and coaches and get some down to earth real-life experiences in key factors of the job. The school aims to help hard-working Americans break into the tech industry and become part of a life-long community of high performers. 

The application process involves completion of the application form, numerous chats, and assignments to complete, and a final interview with role-playing scenarios. No prerequisite skills, business experience, or a perfect GPA is needed for enrollment. Tuition costs $10,000 in the form of an income share contract. SV Academy is looking for flexible, committed job seekers with strong written and verbal communication abilities who are comfortable with feedback coupled with heavy workloads.  

Relocation to San Francisco or New York is required at this point for the full-time employment portion of the program. The mentors and coaches at SV Academy will then follow the students for the first year in their first full-time job, helping them to maneuver the rough spots of new employment in a new career.

SV Academy Reviews

Overall SV Academy has good reviews.

Frank Luong says – Before I went through SV Academy, I wasn’t fully aware of the opportunity available in tech. The SDR model is a relatively new phenomenon, and the SaaS industry has tremendous potential for growth, but the main way to get a job as an SDR was through referral and networking. My social network was nonexistent, so without SV Academy, the prospect of me getting a job as an SDR was extremely slim.

The structure of SV Academy is set up so no one will be disappointed. If you go through the course and still can’t get a job after 6 months, you owe nothing for tuition. That part of the deal really minimizes the risk. This program is great for a motivated go-getter. The kind of person who would do best in this role is someone who is fearless when it comes to meeting new people, learning new skills, and receiving critical feedback.

The job search and the core SDR job both have a lot in common. You deal with a lot of rejection, and they put you through the wringer. So I would encourage anyone who feels under pressure not to give up but learn and do better. When I finally got my job, my recruiter and manager said they chose me for the pattern he saw in me and other SV Academy graduates and for the confidence they saw in me. They chose to hire me not for my previous experience, but for my networking skills.

Jamela says – Hands down the best career decision I’ve made this far! SV Academy is overall a fantastic community to be involved in. I really enjoyed the 8-week program where I felt included and welcomed from day 1. The live and interactive internship included in the program with a real tech company is definitely a win-win.

I would recommend SV Academy to anyone who wants a new career change and to get their foot in the door for a fulfilling path in the tech industry. The mentors and instructors are extremely helpful and consistent in their connection with you. The list of employer partners SV is partnered with is super exciting. Many of them are willing to pay the majority, if not all, of your tuition when you land your first role. Five stars!! 🙂

Is SV Academy Legit?

The short answer is yes. SV Academy is Legit. If you are accepted into their program and pay them $10,000, then you’ll have a decent chance at learning the material in their program and getting a job afterward.

There are only three problems here.

The first problem is that you have to get accepted into their program. This means you will likely need to have previous sales experience or a bachelor’s degree. You will also need to show them why you want to work in tech sales.

The second problem is that many of the students who complete SV Academy are not able to land positions afterward. This had led to multiple students who finished SV Academy actually enrolling in CourseCareers even after paying SV Academy a very large sum of money. This is because going from no sales experience straight into a permanent position is very difficult and many people aren’t able to make that leap.

The third very big problem is that it will cost you $10,000 which is a huge amount to pay for online education. At the $10,000 price point, it would make more sense for you to self-educate yourself in tech sales and start your career that way. You shouldn’t let an income share agreement convince you to pay this amount since you will have to pay it back.

SV Academy Alternative

If you don’t have previous sales experience, a degree, or you don’t want to pay $10k, then what other options do you have?

This is where CourseCareers comes to the rescue. We don’t require that our students have previous experience or a degree. Anyone who wants to work in tech sales will get their chance by going through our program.

We also don’t charge $10k or anything close to that. We only charge our students a flat $499 since companies pay to hire our students thus subsidizing our student’s education. This also makes it much easier to land a position since we partner directly with companies that want to hire students who complete our program.

If you want to work in tech sales then CourseCareers is here to help train you online and get you connected with our partner companies at a fraction of the price of SV Academy. Check out our free introduction course

Here’s why people choose CourseCareers over Bootcamps such as SV Academy.

SV Academy Reviews. Is it legit?

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